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You may be new to ArtAndFrameRestoration.com or Home Is Where The Art Is-but if you have been around for awhile here is the studio/business history intermingled with Tina's -Oh, it has been a journey...Do you remember when?...

1981 - Tina works at Art Mart Frame Shop, Columbia MO
1983 - Tina manages Great Hang Ups, Columbia, MO
1984 - Tina works as Graphic Designer and Framer, Columbia College, Columbia, MO
1985 - Tina manages Ben Franklin Frame Shops, Saint Louis, MO South County and Webster Groves
1986 - Opens Designs by Crist, Ltd. In her basement-Subcontract framing for The Great Frame Up, Warson Woods, MO
1988 - Opens Home Is Where The Art Is, in her basement in Rock Hill, MO on Kortwright Ave.
              Remember the great view of the horses across the street?
1990 - Moves across the street on Kortwright and opens the shop in the newer and bigger basement!
              Remember the great backyard?
1993 - Storefront opening in Rock Hill, MO on Manchester Road across from Schiller's Photography.
              Remember the Traffic?
1998 - Build own studio location behind house on Kortwright Ave. in Rock Hill, MO-Thanks to all who came!
2004 - Move to Omaha, NE so sad...Move back to Saint Louis...So glad!!
2006 - Re-open in small house Lemay, MO
2007 - New warehouse Enterprise Center, Lemay, MO (starting over in some ways)
2008 - New Basement Location, East Jackson, Webster Groves, MO (growing!)
2009 - New Studio Location, East Clinton, Kirkwood, MO (Still growing!)
2010 - Crestwood Court ArtSpace, 322 Crestwood Plaza, Crestwood, MO (the sky's the limit!)
2012-  Crestwood Plaza Closes - Open location at 9120 Watson Road, Crestwood, MO with new Design Studio and Work Room.  Begin Studio and Workroom in Franklin County, MO.
2013 - Move to current location at 7532 Watson Road in Shrewsbury.
2015 - Expand into two additional units at 7538 & 7540 Watson Road. Currently under 4,000 square feet of studio space.
  frame shop back door 1993 Enterprise Center Mall Storefront Current Location
Several of our locations over the years.